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Homo Erectus - Great Example Of A Transitional Species


Creationists constantly make the claim "there are no transitional fossils." You can see it on every creationist website and in every discussion group every day of the year. They repeat this mantra over and over, even when given direct empirical evidence to the contrary. While there are literally thousands of transitional species in the fossil record, lets focus on just this one for now.  Early Homo erectus clearly exhibits cranial traits of late Australopithecus, yet anatomy from the neck down is much closer to modern humans.  Above we see how similar the skulls of late Australopithecus africanus are compared to early Homo erectus

Transitional features of Homo erectus:


Intermediate in height between earlier species such a the australopithecines and later species such as Homo sapiens, Homo erectus males averaged 5' to 5.5' tall.


Homo erectus skulls were shaped differently than modern humans and show intermediate features between earlier species and us. They had larger brow ridges, larger neck muscles attached to the back of the head, and a shallow sloping forehead like more primitive species.


Homo erectus cranial capacity was intermediate between earlier species and later species. Their cranial capacity averaged 70% of modern humans, but at least 50% larger than previous species. More recent specimens have larger cranial capacity than those that are a million years older.


While anatomy from the neck down was very similar to modern humans, arm and leg bones were more dense like we see in australopithecines and Neandertals.


Early Homo erectus teeth were intermediate in shape and size between modern humans and australopithecines, but later H. erectus specimens have smaller teeth more like us.


Besides transitional anatomical features, evidence shows H. erectus made specialized stone tools, hunted game, and may have mastered the use of fire much like us. There is no evidence earlier species like the australopithecines were that far advanced, showing they were transitional as far as technology and culture goes too.

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